How to Provide Proof of Delivery If I am Using Drop Shipping Service

I am a Drop shipper and PayPal asking for Supplier Invoices
November 8, 2016
PayPal not accepting my e-statement and demanding me to provide Paper statement
November 8, 2016

PayPal and eBay is asking to Provide me a Proof of Delivery. How to resolve this issue?

1- I am using Drop Shipping Service and i haven’t ship any item so don’t have any Shipment details or tracking info

2- I had shipped with Local Mail and have no tracking info

3- I had no shipment receipt.

4- I have Chinese Invoice and I don’t want to provide that to PayPal or eBay

In this case you need to order a Supplier Invoice from us. We will create a Supplier info as per your details that you sell on eBay or PayPal and we create a Genuine looking invoice so that you can Upload it to PayPal or eBay

Please Visit our website and complete the form.


  1. Rina Parven says:

    I’ve got a Canada Paypal linked to a USA bank account will the vcc for canada paypal work?

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